Search Trends and SEO

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Search Trends and SEO

Search Trends and SEO

Search Trends and SEO, Part 2

Search Trends and SEO
In part one of this article we discussed what search trends are and how they can be used to break down a list of keywords to find the most popular. A Marketplace Exactly Like The Real World

In part two we’ll discuss some of the things you can find out from your Google Trends results when you use the Keyword Tool Despite what others may claim, the data released by Google itself isn’t just some random numbers floating in an infinite nonsensical universe. It is in fact, a usable tool that you can use to your advantage.

First of all, when you do any kind of search in Google for a topic, you’ll see the results of your search in the form of lists of numbers. This happens because Google searches all the information available on the web “for billions of queries every month.” When you see these results in the analytics tool of Google, it is basically telling you the two most popular phrases as being:

So let’s incorporate these two phrases into yourzing of keywords. If you want your site to rank for the phrase “3000 characters”, then you want your site to be #1 in the list of search results when someone searches for the phrase “3000 characters”. More specifically, if your site is a content site, then you want your site to rank #1 in the list of search results when someone searches for:

Now, the key phrase “top search engine rankings” is another useful phrase to rank for. The key phrase “top search engine rankings” can be broken down to the following:

Now, the key phrase “rank for high traffic keywords in 10-20” can be broken down to the following:

I hope you’ve now realized that it’s important to not only analyze the keywords themselves, but also the popularity of the keywords. You may have also realized that certain low traffic keywords tend to have high search results, and high traffic keywords tend to have low traffic results. As a general rule, we’ll say that you’ll want to target for keywords that have a high traffic result, but a low traffic result; this metric will tell you that the traffic is well-qualified potential customers, and this will bode well for your business and conversions.

When you are performing keyword research, you will notice that some keywords will have a lot more traffic generated by the search engines than others. This can be tricky if you are targeting a very popular keyword, but more than fine if you are targeting a small niche or something that isn’t as competitive as say,00-10,000 established sites in Google.

Performing initial keyword research is critical, and keyword research is something you should do from the beginning of any website endeavors. I do worry, however, that the volume of traffic you are going to get from performing initial keyword research will be more than enough to keep you busy for the long haul. Targeting the right phrases is one of the most important things you can do for your short and long-term traffic growth.

Let’s look at the keyword research needed to target top search engine rankings and see how a focused approach can help you with all three of your primary customer types, all while helping your bottom line. Search Trends and SEO

Browsing Forum Forums

When you think about looking for data related to people performing forum searches and how to get top search engine rankings, you have to think about the search terms people will be using.

Let’s say you sell leather handbags on your website and you want to find more detailed information on the leather handbags you offer, then you should start off with more general information on search terms related to leather handbags. You should also think about the search terms used by your competitors on their websites as this could be an opportunity to set new records on search engine rankings, and it’s fairly tough to challenge your competitors on search engine rankings.

You can use some of the free keyword tools to get some quick answers on search terms related to the more general terms like ‘leather handbags’ and ‘bags made out of leather’.

leather bag Ideas

Here are some of the places you can go to look for leather bag ideas:

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Ban hook shops and more

leather is so versatile it can be used in just about any item, from bags to sho dogs to bags for shade. It’s also relatively easy to make conversions with a leather product; the convert is just getting additional benefits through the use of a leather product. Another advantage of leather is that it’s relatively cheap.

leather Whether it’s for dog tags or shoe tags, you can find links to more information on leather.

If your site is particularly design to be SEO friendly and you do want to be found by people searching for leather, then you’ll find a number of SEO techniques that are beneficial to consider.