Old-fashioned sales habits

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Old-fashioned sales habits


Go against the custom of the long-term sale


I’m thinking about a few things. Years of “old” sellers I’ve already seen. I had no idea what their brains were thinking or why they couldn’t sit still long enough to hear what was next to their customers. I’m beginning to wonder if they just didn’t listen. If he were a native, what would have happened in a restaurant down the street?

This is what my wife checked. It came to me today. “I heard everything.”Some people work when they arrive, and who works when the customer service is not working?”

There is a saying in the sales industry. It’s better to talk and listen to “if everyone does.” This is very simple. Job seekers use the opportunities you are given to listen and gather information. Likewise, you should pay attention to what the customer is telling you. It is also from a drama by George Bernard Shaw. Benjamin Cosgrove is a coin, and what he’s talking about is a coin.”If you can’t find a coin in your pocket, ask where it is.”

When the replacement begins, I don’t want to talk slowly, I don’t want to talk, I don’t want to talk a. This is a great way to know what they need to know. If a customer or customer is silent, the fact that they act, as they say, you’re in trouble. When customers want to talk to you about your other employees, you should go out and stand in front of them. It does not acknowledge a reason not to be disclosed to customers. good sales habits. old

If any of the customers bother me, they use technology that doesn’t work. I get what you mean. If they create a site, they’ll tell you. If you tell me your homework, if the customer calls you directly, they will tell you. I read in a major sales magazine that according to a poll, customers are more interested in buying than people they don’t meet in person. This is a great way to gain fame and build trust that meets the needs of customers completely.

Because I’m very important. Knowing the customer, you should visit we’re doing it live. Don’t forget your face on the phone screen. Please come and call in person. You can have all the sales meetings you want, but if you don’t meet a customer, all the research will be wasted. Skype, if necessary. You can sit in front of the webcam and have a lively conversation. In this way, you can use environmental comfort to build a real relationship. a personal influence

Please come back after the customer feedback record sales call. Listen to the audio. What can you do better? If you do not return or reorder the product to the market you sold and ship it again, you should go back and ask for feedback on what you want to hear from the customer. You have listening skills and if you are not a provider, you need to learn how to be a provider and what you can do to run a business with them.

That’s all, customer service. Customers can understand: The better the customer’s needs and these needs are met, the longer they can deal with you. When they get out of control at the time, they will hand it over to others.