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Advertising Online Doesn’t Mean Spending Offline…

Advertising Online :
Selling online is no different from selling offline any more than opening a newspaper advert is different from turning on the television. You see hundreds of of similar ads on internet auction sites and web pages too.

Having said that, there are some strategies to advertise your product on line that will avoid the mistakes made by many conflicting miracle ads. Dog grooming it’s easy for someone to find their ‘limited time everyone loves this product… ‘ kind of ad if you’re lucky.

The first thing to look for is what’s running the bid price and the words in bold at the top. The words are those that are now showing a ‘much higher’ number of times than ever before.

Then there is another thing to look for..

Does the ad itself match with what is on your web page?

sites like eBay and Amazon make a living selling people on fixers – which means buying out the seller for an even higher price.

The chances are that this person is already making money on that site – so the chances are that in many cases they’ll be willing to drive the price up to a pre-established price.

This is a mistake because whilst there is no problem with someone trying to get more money for their products, your own product is much better than that.

In real life of course, it’s just a matter of re-offering and selling to someone else.

Yes, it’ll help to get traffic to your auction and web pages, but if the info on your auction has nothing to do with your product it won’t get your visitors interested in seeing your auction.

One other thing to watch for -obviously is to avoid the terms that sound too good to be true.

Firstly if you have seen items selling for 99 cents and there is no picture at the back of the auction page anywhere, then guess what – it’s probably a scam.

Then, and this is important to use as a base for your own research on the web, see if the person has pictures and a description of their own. Be sure you see both of these handy, and if they have one of those black buttons at the side?

If they do, then chances are that they know they are using a scam. We’ve all scribed ‘proven’ copy and has this category in most TV advertising that me beware.

In closing, only you know if marketing online is for you.

Does the ad catch your attention?

Do you believe in it and feel comfortable with the product?

If you answer no to any of these questions, then maybe marketing online is not for you.

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