5 Ways Forum Marketing

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5 Ways Forum Marketing


5 Ways Forum Marketing Can Help You Generate Traffic

5 Ways Forum Marketing
Although there are countless ways to go about driving traffic to your site, forum marketing remains to be the most effective of these. Here are 5 ways forum marketing can help you generate traffic.

1. Start your own forum:

If you have something you want others to know about, building your own forum can be the key to generating traffic. By starting your own forum you not only do you become a leader in your niche, you also get the opportunity to make connections with others in your niche as well as the community at large.

2. Provide valuable content:

By providing a “glimple of gold” to those who frequent your forum, not only are you setting yourself up as an expert, you are also providing useful content for many people. This will allow you to provide information of value to those who enjoy your area of expertise, without the need to do any selling. When you provide helpful content you are actually branding your name and your site. This can help get your name out there is an extremely effective way to generate traffic.

3. Showcase your signature:

This is a quick way to refer visitors back to your site. Since forum profiles usually include a signature, you want to start with something that links back to your site. In order for this technique to work for you, you must be using your forum correctly. This means that your posts must provide value to the forum, and in an appropriate manner. Just going in and posting things like ‘Check out this site,’ and other material will not bring you value in the long run. Instead, try providing some helpful insight to the forum. Once you have some credibility you can include a link to your site in your signature.

4. Provide an email address:

If you have an email address in the network, people will start to contact you and ask for your advice. This is an excellent opportunity to offer something of value in exchange for their email address. Once they are on your list, you can send them links to your forum posts, and your blog articles. By doing that, you will start building a relationship with these people, which will help begin to generate traffic on a more frequent basis.

5. Discuss your posts:

This is a great way to get people to talk. Forums usually allow you to respond to other people’s questions with useful information. This in turn leads to discussion about your posts, which generates more traffic than you may think. On some forums you have the ability to place a link to your site in your post. By doing that people can click on the link and be directed back to your site. This is one of the most effective ways to generate traffic using forums. It also provides a backlink to your site.

Other than posting significant comments, you will also be able to build brand recognition as a credible source of information. This establishes a good reputation for the people who read your posts.